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The Corbeau Family

Corbeau Wines is a project of the Rodríguez Family in the third generation of producers who, with vast experience and deep roots in the Mendoza viticulture scene, knew how to detect a lack in the market offer.

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The Winery

The Winery is located in the Province of Mendoza, in the West of the Argentine Republic, a prominent region for agricultural cultivation, with wide recognition not only nationally but also worldwide.


The vineyards

Our vineyards, located in the East of the Province, are the full expression of Mendoza's vines.
A constant contrast between technology that is integrated into the landscape in an impeccable and wonderful harmony.


The land

The arid lands and desert dunes were conditioned to give space to plantations of unique character, which are no less than a tribute to the noble traditional wine culture.


All our products are made with grapes from our own vineyards, specially cared for to leave our mark on each of the wines that are part of the Corbeau Wines family. With 320 hectares. Distributed in 4 vineyards, with different soils, climates and grape varieties in each of them, it allows us to make blends with unique characteristics.

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